Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OUR FEATURED MEMBER FOR FEBRUARY 15-28, 2011 IS, Patricia Creighton-Kaminski

Here Are Some Fabulous Designs
by Our Featured Member,
Patricia Creighton-Kaminski

These just scream "Spring" at me, or
is it just because I am tired of winter!


I am totally in love with these earrings!

I am not "allowed" around a torch,
so I guess I will have to find out who designs these
gorgeous lampwork beads!
This job is great!  I get to post all these wonderful
designs, and drool the whole time and no one knows!
OOOPS!  Guess I let that little secret out!
We have such wonderfully talented and
creative artisans/jewelry designers on this page!

I am really beginning to feel the seasons change,
as I post these gorgeous designs!

Oh, these are to die for!

And, WOW, we are ending this on
a great pair of earrings that I would love to have!
(Valentine's Day just passed!)
If you enjoyed looking at these great
designs, be sure to check out Pat's
shops for more of the same.
Thank you again, Pat, for jumping in and putting together this
information so quickly, and helping me out with
our Featured Member for the second half of February.
  Have truly enjoyed getting to
know more about you, and have "loved"
drooling over your fabulous jewelry designs.