Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here are some of Diane's beautiful designs.  I truly have to apologize to her, as I was having issues with my computer and with Blogger.  I wonder if my memory is just blown because of my surgery, but I am on here and surprised that this is working, so without further comment, I will post the pictures Diane sent me to share with you.

These are the places you can find Diane's designs and supplies.

This is a truly gorgeous piece designed by Diane!

I love these coin bracelets --wish I could make one for myself
but everytime I make one someone WANTS it in my family!

Lovely Rhodonite Ring.  This is an exquisite piece of gemstone and
with and equally lovely silver mounting.

Fabulous multi-colored agate necklace!

Pink and Burgandy crystal earrings!

Fushia Agate Necklace

Lovely Silver, Turquoise and Rhodonite pendant.

Another gorgeous pendant!

A truly unique silver and turquoise pendant!

I truly thank Diane for the many contributions she makes to our page,
and for her endless patience with me as I try to get my life
into its "new normal" phase.
I can only pray that as the days go past I can regain the important parts of my
memory that relate to this page, and ask each of you to continue to
forgive me when I mess something up.

As Diane's is the only Featured Member interview for Christmas,
I want to say may each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas and
I truly blessed New Year in 2012!