Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to the Blog Page for Artisans/Jewelry Designers, Ltd.

This page has been created to take a few things off our main Ning Social Networking page with regard to Contests for our various groups and listing, that can overflow onto this page.  You are welcome to send the information you want posted on this page to for review and then we will make arrangements to get it posted.  Please become a follower of this page so that you can sign in. 

We are trying to upgrade everything on our Ning page so that it is easier to use, we have more space, and to help you promote your products, jewelry, etc.  You have Valerie Poling to thank for our nice background.  We did not just want to focus on Halloween - but on the Fall season.

If you have questions, please address them either to me on our Ning page, or to me and the ladies who are responsible for keeping up with this page at the address above.  Suggestions are always welcomed.

Happy Fall to all the members of Artisans/Jewelry Designers, Ltd.
Sharon Hightower, Site Owner and Organizer
Valerie Poling, Administrator
Jeannie Dukic, Administrator

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  1. Awesome Girls!!!!! Just having time now to review this! I will be blogging a about AJD very soon.....will lwt you know! yipee!!!!
    Crystal form KIZZ