Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome, Tera Vermillion, Our Featured Member for January 2010, Owner of BOHEMIAN GLITZ

This month's Featured Member is Tera Vermillion, owner of BOHEMIAN GLITZ! The exclaimation point is mine because of those many years when I was young and considered to be "bohemian" in my choices of jewelry, clothes, etc.  So when I saw the name of her site
I was immediately intrigued!  You will not be disappointed at her beautifully created jewelry.  And, if you are not inspired to go make something, you are dead tired or sick!
So, I will post some pictures and you can let us all know what you think of her stunning creations!  Sharon

Hope you enjoyed this month's Featured Member, and if you are interested in being featured on the Front Page and our blog, or on one of my personal blogs, please let me know either thru our messages on our social networking page or my personal e-mail:  sharon_hightower@hotmail.com.

Thanks again, to Tera for letting us display her work!


  1. Sharon, wonderful post on Tera's work!
    Just gorgeous! I love the wire wrapped Gem pendant necklace.

  2. This certainly is some beautiful work and I like that it's unique too. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us Tera!