Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Welcome to Our Featured Member, for October 5-16, 2010
Cyndi - a/k/a Small Footprints

In order to show more of our Featured Member's designs, we
add them on this blog.  The following are some
photographs that Cyndi shared with me.

ThisThis pair of earrings is called "Dream Weaver!"
Not to show my age, but when I saw that name I immediately
thought of a popular song from my younger years!

These earrings are called "Fantasy in Blue"!  I love how
Cyndi, recycles parts from other earrings.  This should teach us all that
we can be more careful with the items we discard.  You never know
what can be made from it by a talented artist or designer.

ur These earrings are called "Freezing Rain."

Oh, I love these, they must not have made it to our page!
They are called "Jewel of the Nile"!

These earrings are called "Medevial Beauty".

These earrings are called "Lucky Lassy".  I really like
how Cyndi changes her backgrounds to complement the earrings.

It is that time of the year for the changing of the seasons,
this pair of earrings are called "Maple Leaves."

These earrings are called "Sea Glass."
Love the varied texture of the beads she uses.

Oh, I love this display, but I am a purple nut!
These are called "Mexican Smiles."

And for me, nothing better to end this group of Cyndi's creations
than my favorite color and these earrings "Purple Passion."

Thank you, Cyndi, for the opportunity to share your designs,
creations, and ideas for recyling jewelry parts
to our members.  I appreciate all you do
on our page to help out and I am honored to feature you!


  1. Wow ... thank you, so much, Sharon! It's a lovely feature and your kind words mean the world to me. I'm doing a happy dance around my living room! :)

  2. Beautiful earrings, wonderful names, nice work Ladies!

  3. I marked it funny for me as I don't make earrings, I just can't ...
    Congratulations on the feature... I love your style! v

  4. Congratulations Cyndi (aka Small Footprints)! I love how you "stage" your earrings with different backgrounds. And I love your creations!


  5. Congrats Cyndi on the awesome feature!

  6. Wow, Cyndi has talent with words. I love the titles of her earrings. Didn't know Cyndi made beautiful jewelries. I love them all but my favorites are the Jewel of the Nile and the Mexican Smiles.

  7. Wonderful work by a wonderful artist, I also love these photos and how each one is staged to compliment the earrings - very clever!

    I loved reading the interview too - especially Cyndi's words about staying in the present moment - such good advice to remember!

  8. Thanks, Cyndi, for letting me feature you on our blog! You drew a large crowd for us!!
    Hugs, Sharon